Little puppy Zen is already 5 months old. He is the most polite and sweetest puppy I have ever had. No puppy is perfect but so far Zen has been pretty close to that. We dont really think of him as a puppy sometimes because he is well behaved and is like an adult dog when it comes to being home alone, walking on a leash with other dogs, being in the car and most of the stuff we do with him.


New friends

Zen has met several new friends and he is really good when meeting other dogs. Several of my friends have puppies the same age as him as well as adult and kind dogs for him to meet.


A part of the family

From day 1 it felt like Zen had always been around and in our family. Both Bella and Buffy fell in love with him from the first moment they met him. Balder was a bit sceptical the first few days but it did not take long before he loved him to. Buffy and Zen is becoming really good friends and they are usually always with each other, either playing or sleeping.


Do not rush trough the puppyage

When Buffy was younger I was focusing on teaching her a lot in a short amount of time, especially the foundation skills for both obedience and agility. My focus was to much on the amount rather than the quality. With Zen I decided to enjoy the time he is young and remember we have loads of time to learn stuff.

Zen trains stuff like focus and stay with distractions, focus forward, walking on leash, balance exercises and target. More than enough 🙂