året 2016


In january we trialed at 2 rallyobedience competitions where Bella had a qualification to level 2 and Buffy got her last qualification to level 3. I also made a seperate blog for all my hikes with my dogs at hundeturer.no (in norwegian).




February was spent hiking, celebrating Balder turning 8 years and I also attended a mental training seminar with Eva Marie Wergård. This seminar became a game changer to me.




March was the month for skiing and easter holiday. Mountains and nature is always like therapy for the soul.




Good news was received that we were going to Fionia Cup. We won some prizes at agility- and rallyobedience trials and Balder was the charmer as always.




I got invited by Sophie to Denmark to compete at Mazxi Zoo Cup with Buffy. Many of the Asasara I Love litter met up and we even won a 3rd prize with our Asasara Team. My first swim of 2016 happend when a heatweave in may came, Buffy had her monthly treatement at Hund i Form and me and Lene participated a Os Agilityfestival.




June began with the norwegian agility championship in Drammen where we had a blast. At the rallyobedience trial in juni both Bella and Balder deliverd great results and there was of course time for some hiking in the warmth of the summer.




A trip to Denmark to take part in Fionia Cup with both Bella and Buffy, who had many great runs. Extra nice to see Buffy doing times that matched some of the best. At the end of july came time for our USA roadtrip!




After countless memories and experiences our trip to USA was finished and we came back to our life at home. Hiking with good friends and having 2 kittens move in with us happend in august. The kittens are staying with us until they are adopted.




The warmth of summer in september caused swimming while hiking in september. I worked on both my own and the dogs shape between trials.




This time we flew to Norwegian Open along with Charlotte and her dog. We also had the time for an agilitytrial in Ølen and october gave me my last concert with Kent along with celebrating my grandmother turning 90 years <3




Buffy began exercising with swimming and attended seminar with Manca Mikec. Bella became club champion in rallyobedience (level 3) and Tom Ove gave me an early christmas present, a trip to visist my friend Lisa in Copenhagen.




Buffy became club champion in agility (level 1) and we spent our christmas holiday at our cabin in Suldal skiing and hiking.