Nordic Agility Championship 2021

This has been an amazing adventure I will never forget! The rush, the adrenaline, and the feeling of running in a championship are crazy wonderful!

Zen has been an absolute star in every way and experiencing this together as a team is something I know I will cherish forever. We had 3 clean runs, placed 9th in individual jumping and 3rd in team agility.
My team made it to the team final and kicked ass! We placed 2nd and won silver! It was so fun running together with them, thank you Kjersti & Mexi, Signe & Frk, and Robert & Safira.

Seeing top agility handlers and dogs was so cool and inspirational. I got so much motivation for winter training now that we are taking a break from competition for a few months.

A big thank you to my traveling cheer team, Veronika, Exi, and Akela. Your support is priceless and so appreciated.

Also a big thank you to Tom Ove at home taking care of the rest of our pack, so I am able to drive halfway across the country countless weekends to do what I love.