With COVID still restricting some travels in Europe, this year’s Norwegian Open was of a smaller size in terms of the number of participants and nationalities, BUT absolutely not less fun and still the best competition in Norway in every way.

Buffy, who was recently declared ready for traning after an injury, had to stay at home sadly. I am still building her muscles back up and it was just too soon to be running courses and competitions for her.

Zen has been amazing and we have been surfing the agility high every day! I went all-in – in every single run and chased the flow from start to finish. We set some crazy times and really got to show what muscles and speed is under all that fluff!

We got four podiums, had 3 out of 3 clean runs in jumping, and scored a ticket to the finals already on Friday.

It was so much fun seeing everyone again and cheering for my friends. Thank you so much for all the cheers and wonderful words, it means so much!