I was born and raised in Stavanger but I have also lived several years in Egersund and Sandnes. I 2011 I moved with my boyfriend to Aalgaard where we have lived since.

Most of my sparetime is spent with my dogs. My oldest dog, Bella did agility for 8 years before I retired her and started competing in rallyobedience (we are now in the highest grade). Balder, who is 9 years have been trained in several activies such as tracking, search and also rallyobedience. Buffy (3 years) does agility mainly but also rallyobedience (grade 3). The youngest one in our pack is Zen (4 months old) who will train and compete in agility.
isabelle simonsen

isabelle simonsen

isabelle simonsen

Seminars I have attended:

Puppyclass w/Hund i sentrum august 2006
Beginnersclass agility w/
Sør-Rogaland workingdogclub october 2008
Agility handling seminar (Greg Derett) w/Lene Kristin Wilhelmsen september 2009

Agility handling seminar w/Thomas Thiesen (SBK) march
New puppy seminar w/Siddis dogschool
The language of the dog w/Siddis dogschool june
Agility advanced handling seminar (Greg Derett) w/Lene Kristin Wilhelmsen
Searchdog seminar w/Retriverklubben avd Rogaland october
Jumping technique w/Vappu Alatalo (Drøbak dogclub) november
Agility handling seminar w/Lee Gibson (SBK) november
Agility handling seminar w/Maia fossum

Advanced class searchdog w/Tone Larsen march

Agility handling seminar w/Jenni Lethinen september
Tracking class w/Malmins dogclasses november
Searchdog seminar w/Thomas Stokke december

Agility handling seminar w/Poul Lerche october

Tight Turn w/Åsa Emmanuelson july

Puppy class w/Ghita Fossum september

NKK Level 1 instructur january
Online shapingclass w/ january

Online jumping technique class w/ may
Online Foundation Fun w/Silvia Trkman september
Agility handling seminar w/Jan Egil Eide december

Running Contacts w/Silvia Trkman january
Advanced agility seminar w/Manca Mikec & Polona Bonac october
Running Contacts w/Silvia Trkman december

Mental coahcing w/
Eva Marie Wergård febuary
Agility handling w/Manca Mikec october
Online jumping technique class w/Ingerid Klaveness november
Online agility handlingclass w/Manca Mikec november

Seminars I have held:

Beginners/advanced agility class for ØEHK april
Beginners agility class for SBK april

Introduction to clickertraining for HOHK march

Agility competition class for SBK march
Puppyclass for BK april
Puppyclass for SBK may 
Agility advanced handling class for NSK september

Puppyclass for SBK march
Beginners agility class for SBK april
Advanced agility class for NSK august
Puppyclass for SBK august
Puppyclass for SBK december

Puppyclass for SBK february
Puppyclass for SBK april
Agility beginners and advanced class for KOFHK may
Beginners class agility for SBK may
Agility beginners and advanced class for FOGLHK june
Agility beginners and advanced class for NSK august

Recall class for High5 Hundeskole june
Puppyclass for High5 Hundeskole august
Puppyclass for High5 Hundeskole september
Obedience test class for High5 Hundeskole september
Puppyclass for High5 Hundeskole october

Puppyclass for High5 Hundeskole january
Puppyclass for High5 Hundeskole march
Agility beginners class for SBK june

Agility beginners class for SBK febuary

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