Golden Paste for your dog – benefits and recipe

Golden Paste is made from turmeric, which contains curcumin. Curcumin has a long list of healthy benefits, both for humans and dogs. Turmeric can help against arthritis, diabetes, cancer, liver diseases as well as gastrointestinal issues. There are over 6000 studies on the many benefits of turmeric.

  • Antioxsidant
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Antiviral and anti bacterial

Make your own Golden Paste

Golden Paste is anti inflammatory

Inflammation is not just a problem for dogs with arthritis, but chronic inflammation is the root of a various number of disases. Cancer, arthritis, allergy, kidney-, teeth-, digestion- and stomach issues are all caused by inflammation.

Research shows that heart problems can be linked to problems with teeth. Chronic bladder infection can cause bladder cancer. Chronic inflammation is the main cause for arthritis and deterioration of joints. A study from 2014 revealed curcumin (found in turmeric) worked better than ibuprofen for people with arthritis.

Inflammation is one of the main causes for many diseases, and turmeric is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory remedy available.

Turmeric can help fight cancer

We know chronic inflammation can cause cancer, and we know Golden Paste (turmeric) is a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy. A study from the UK revealed that curcumin could contribute to stopping precancerous changes from becoming cancer. Approximately 1/3 of studies concerning turmeric is in regards to cancer research and the results are highly promising. Turmeric can kill cancer cells and prevent more from developing.

“Curcumin contributes to reducing the size of tumours and killing cancer cells.”

ACS (The American Cancer Society)

50% of adult dogs will develop cancer during their lifetime, so turmeric is a great remedy that can contribute to protecting your dog against cancer and inflammations that can cause cancer.

Golden Paste for arthritis

We know arthritis is the results of inflammation and that turmeric can contribute to reducing inflammation in the body. Turmeric can also relieve the pain and stiffness arthritis causes.

In 2014 researchers from Thailand published a study that compared the effect curcumin and ibuprofen had on patients with knee arthritis. The study found that curcumin gave the same results as ibuprofen in terms of pain relief. However without the gastrointestinal side effects that ibuprofen gave the patients.

Turmeric can aid aginst gastrointestinal disorders

Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect that can be useful for dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and other gastrointestinal issues. Several studies shows that turmeric has a positive effect for intestinal inflammation and the intestinal permeability (leaky gut syndrome).

Curcumin has a inhibiting effect on inflammation, and since it is highly safe to use, it has a bright future in terms of treating IBD.”

Researchers at Hamamatsu South Hospital in Japan

Golden Paste can replace steroids

Many dogs are on steroids for allergies and joint pain , but some studies show that curcumin is as effective as steroids. The major benefit with turmeric is that is has no negative side effects compared to steroids.

A study published in Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology reveals combining curcumin and steroids reduce the side effects significantly. And that is the biggest benefit of turmeric – not only can it work as well as steroids, but it does not have the same unwanted and bad side effects.

Potential side effects

The best thing about turmeric is that it works and that it is safe. There are still some dogs that should not have turmeric. Golden Paste, or turmeric, is a “hot” spice, so if you have a dog that naturally runs hot and prefers cold floors, turmeric may not be suitable for your dog. If your dog is on any kind of medicine, you need to consult your vet if turmeric is safe for your dog.

Make your own Golden Paste


Turmeric powder (1/2 cup)
(Cold pressed) Coconut oil (1/3 cup)
Water (1 cup)
Freshly crushed pepper (3 teaspoons)

How to

  • Mix turmeric powder and water in a pan
  • Heat on low to medium heat and let simmer
  • Stirr while it thickens
  • After 7-10 minutter it should have a thick consistency
  • Turn off the heat and let it cool (should be warm to the touch)
  • Add freshly ground pepper and coconut oil
  • Distribute in containers (last about 2 weeks in fridge). I prefer to freeze in icecube trays.

How much Golden Paste should you give

No matter the size of your dog, you should start with a small amount (1/4 teaspoon every day) to make them accustom to it. For small og medium dogs 1/2 tea spoon a day will be sufficient, while for larger dogs 1 teaspoon a day. It is better to give your dog a small amount frequently, than larger amounts less often. Turmeric last only a short period of time in the dogs digestive system.

Something else you can easily make for your dog is bone broth. It is highly nutriciouns and filled with vitamins and minerals that contributes to your dogs body and health.Make bone broth for your dog.