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Hike to Nipe in Suldal

Nipe is located in Suldal muncipality and has an amazing view over Nesflaten and Suldalsvatnet. Park at the shooting range (GPS 59°37’42.2″N 6°48’00.7″E) and look for the sign by the road. The hike starts on the other side of the road and continues straight up. Most of the hike is in steep terrain.

Hike to Onglanuten

You can take the same route up and back down or you can (as we did) walk one way up and a different one back down. We did the short and steep way up and then continued towards Stavastolen and Smaaliane cabin area. We parked at Neikjen (GPS: 59.431650, 6.442588) but you can also park closer to Gullingen Touristcentre and walk from there.