Agility competition in Ølen

Published: October 1, 2018

Agility competition in Ølen never disappoints! Great surface, cool prizes and awesome judges with inspirational courses.

Me and Tom Ove usually stay at our cabin when there is agility competition in Ølen, and I drive back and forth each day. It was so nice being able to come home for taco and my own bed after a day outside in pouring rain.

Despite the weather it was a weekend of sunshine for me and Buffy. We had 2 1st places, 1 2nd place and one disqualification. And the most fun of all, we won two sheepskins!

Photos by: Sissel Grønlund


Agility Saturday was a cleanrun, 1st place, certificate and sheepskin for prize! So cool that Ølen has extra nice prizes for the winners of grade 3 (must be a cleanrun).

Jumping saturday was a disqualification when Buffy tried starting the course without me. I also learned she tried to do the same for the agility so this was a good reminder for me to maintain my criteria, not just in training but at competitions as well.

Agility Sunday was neither clean or perfect, but Buffy impressed me so much when she listened to me after the DW and did the weaves. She did not hit the contact but she thought about my command instead of just running straight into the tunnel. I was pleased with several things in this run. We even got 2nd place!

Jumping on Sunday was another cleanrun, 1st place and another sheepskin! Buffy has grown so much lately and I am so thankful for being able to feel the flow when we are running now!