The Forever Dog – A book you should read

The Forever Dog: A New Science Blueprint for Raising Healthy and Happy Canine Companions

The Forever Dog is a book all dog owners should read, to learn how you can provide for your dog to have a healthy, happy and long life.

The sick modern dog

Just like people, dogs are getting sicker and living for a shorter amount of time in the past years, Scientists have begun to understand that the chronic diseases affecting people – cancer, obesity, diabetes, organ failure, and autoimmune diseases – are the same disease affecting our dogs. What is causing the rise of these diseases?

Based on scientific research

The authors of The Forever Dog, Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker have gathered the research and knowledge from the best geneticists, microbiologists, and longevity scientists to answer this question. Based on this and the latest in scientific research (all resources available at, the book provides practical and useful advice on how you can affect the health of your dog, for example through food and nutrition.

Pros and cons of different typs of dog food

The Forever Dog looks at the pros and cons of all the different types of dog food and explains how you can easily analyze the dog food you are using, to learn how much nutrition contains. The book gives you the knowledge to choose what is best for you, both in terms of time and budget, and what you want for your dog. You will learn small and easy tricks that can make a difference, and it is not necessarily about making big and drastic changes unless that is what you want.

Recepies and lists

In The Forever Dog you will find several recipes (for example bone broth) and lists with useful and healthy food for your dog, making it easy to sort and find the information. I have written my own lists based on this and a few other books. I rotate between the items on the list to add to my dog’s food, depending on what I have available at home. Even though I am above average interested in nutrition for my dogs, I still need it to be practical. My advice to you is that you see what works best for you, your dog, and your routines.

The Forever Dog – Highly recommended!

I have read several books on nutrition for dogs, and most of the books can be quite “heavy” to read, with many professional phrases and “interruptions” for research references. This sometimes ruins the “flow” when reading, and personally, I think this book has solved it in a great way, by placing all the references online.

The book has been written in a way that keeps it interesting and easy to keep up, regardless if you have existing knowledge on the topic. The Forever Dog has all the science to back it up but also contains practical, specific advice and not least of all, inspirational stories, that make this a great book, from start to finish.

I highly recommend The Forever Dog!

Free and usefull information

The authors of the book (Rodney Habib & Dr Karen Becker) have published loads of useful information for dog owners on Facebook (Planet Paws and Dr Karen Becker) and at

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