In memory of the best grandmother in the world

Published: July 4 2018

On the 24th of April the best grandmother in the world passed away.
My grandmother has been there for me since the day is was born. She has always been an important part of my life. She came with us on holiday every year when I was younger and when I attended my final year in high school I lived with her. The time after her passing has been tough and I think of her every day. My grandmother had a long and wonderful life. She was 91 years old when she passed surrounded by family.

The reason I am writing this is to share some of the wonderful and funny memories I have with my grandmother.


The story of 1 moped and 3 people

When I was about 19 years old we went on holiday to Thailand. One day, after spending many hours on the beach, me and my grandmother wanted to go back to the pool at the hotel. Since we had been at the same spot on the beach every day for a week, the boy who worked there wanted to help us return to the hotel. He offered us a lift and we accepted without knowing he only drove a moped. Well, when in Thailand. It was surprising spacious for the 3 of us on the moped, and we got to the hotel safely. I think my mother and father was happy they did not see how we got to the hotel, but years later we still laugh at the memory and especially how grandmother thought it was perfectly safe.

Grandmother, you were a real badass <3


The story of my first tattoo

When I was 15 years old, I decided to get my first tattoo. When I got home I told my grandmother what I had gotten. “Let me see!” she said. She looked at the tattoo, “That is so nice and beautiful! But hey! Don’t tell your mother! She will be crazy angry!”. We kept the secret for about a year until my dad found out by an accident. Even when mom then asked my grandmother she kept the secret and claimed she knew nothing of the sorts. My mother was not as angry as we thought she would be and we had a good laugh who grandmother kept a secret no matter what.

Grandmother, you always kept your promise <3



The story of the Sambucca shot

For my final year in high school I moved in with my grandmother and one evening we had a pre-party, just me, Tom Ove and a friend. My grandmother used to say “its always nice having you young people around”. Our friend brought a bottle of Sambucca and when we learned grandmother had never tried it, she was going to. She definitely wanted to try when she learned it reminded of Ozu (one of her favourites from our trips to Greece). I got up and went to get her a glass, but before I knew it she had picked up the bottle and took a shot. 79 years old and doing a shot from the bottle!

Grandmother, you always surprised us <3


Thank you, grandmother

I hope you have found peace wherever you are. I hope you know how deeply we miss you. I hope you know how much you have meant to me for 29 years. Thank you, grandmother. For always being there, for always being honest and genuine. For always being there and for having a heart of gold.

Grandmother, you will never be forgotten and will forever remain in my heart <3

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